Print Company Software
Print Company Software
Print Company Software
Print Company Software
• Simple to understand, Simple to use. • Access anywhere in the world with our hosting servers.
• Compare Quoted Costs to Actual Production Costs. • Mac and PC compatible.
• Offset and digital estimating. • Up to 250 simultaneous users.
• Completely customizable! If you can think it we can develop it in PCS. • Start with an online demo and 30 days access.

New PCS 3 is currently in development. New look with new features that can be customized specifically for your shop.

New PCS3
Coming Soon with a completely new pricing structure.

New Features:

  • iPad, iPhone and iPod touch integration
  • Production Scheduling Calendar
  • Staff Calendar
  • Monthly Server Hosting (not required)

Customizing available:

  • Specialized Estimating (promotional, screen printing, etc.)
  • Quickbooks Integration (PC only)
  • Real-time Credit Card Processing
  • Mail House Processing
  • Wide Format Printing
  • Detailed Business Reports
  • Client Web Access

With PCS we can customize any module to fit your company's specific needs. No longer are you forced to work within a software's parameters. If you can think of it we can build it into PCS.

Read more about PCS here...

What makes up PCS?

  • Customer & Vendor Management
  • Staff Management
  • Product & Services with Inventory
  • Quotes & Estimating (offset and digital)
  • Production Workorders
  • Job Tracking
  • Purchasing & Receiving
  • Invoicing & Payment
  • Touch Screen Interface (not required)
  • Cost Comparison Reports
  • Server Maintenance & Backups
  • Production Calendar & Scheduling Module
  • Real-time Credit Card Processing

PCS Support and Data Management Services:

  • Support directly from your PCS application
  • Data Management Assistance
  • Online Training
  • Website Design & SEO Support
  • (Coming Soon) Payroll Services

If you're interested in an online demo of this new print company solution please email and we can set up a demo using LogMeIn.

Print Company Software Customer Vendor Mgmt.Staff Mgmt.Product & Services Mgmt.Quotes & EstimatingProduction WorkordersJob Tracking Mgmt.Purchasing Mgmt.Invoicing and Payment Mgmt.Touch Screen InterfaceCost Comparison ReportsServer Maintenance Print Company Software
Print Company Software

PCSWindow and Mac Compatible

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